Zowie Morgan-Morris

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My name is Zowie, I’m 27 years old and live in the Uk. I was diagnosed with AS around 4 years ago after having a miscarriage. For as long as I can remember I had pain in my spine and shoulder blades but my Dad always put it down to me wanting time off from school and would never take my complaints seriously. The intense pain in my hips started when I was 22 and I was left unable to have any movement in the base of my spine. The tiredness was overwhelming and I gained weight due to eating carbs constantly. Doctors told me I had sciatica which is definitely correct but not the underlying issue. I fought to see a specialist as here in the uk it’s a referral system through your GP. Eventually after a ton of tests the AS was discovered. It was only then that my grandfather came forward to say he had been diagnosed with the disease 40 years previous. My aunt also has iritis which is linked. My specialist gave me indometicin and told me my life would return to normal. I expected to be able to wear heels again, run for a bus, sit on the toilet and climb stairs without yelping, I’d even settle for just being able to turn over in bed at night lol. Well what I got was a wonderful year travelling Europe without pain and after returning to England I became pregnant with twins! That, I was not expecting! Now I eat healthy, exercise and don’t drink or smoke, the pain is more manageable. I have difficult days but with the help of my amazing husband and supportive family I am the best mom I can be to my 1 year old babies x


Zowie Morgan-Morris

England, United Kingdom


2 Responses to “Zowie Morgan-Morris”

  1. Dear Zowie,
    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us.
    Sincerely Cookie

  2. You are awesome Zowie. I can totally relate to your story…..and many of the others. There’s days when I feel like nobody in my family understands. I’m the only one that has it. Just know that when you have a flare up that can last for months….there’s always hope. Look for something positive in your life. Lol I can see 2 of them on your lap right now. It took me over a year to put my FACE on this site. I was having a seemingly endless bad streak of feeling like crap. I really should put a different picture on my story. Lol I’m not as crabby as I look…just really uncomfortable. There’s sooo much I didn’t add to my story because I didn’t want to scare anyone. Just always remember “your not alone” even tho I’m sure we all feel like we are at some point. I wish you the best of life ♥️

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