World AS Day 2014

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Today is World AS Day…

A Day that Ankylosing Spondylitis Survivors come together in awareness, to show the world we are united as one in our battle against this disease.

I have so much information I want to share with you about AS. I have so many stories about people I want to share with you. There are so many advocates doing amazing projects I want to share with you.

There is so much for you to learn about this disease, and how it affects our lives, that it would probably take me a life time to share with you everything I need or want to, and I am running out of time, why you ask, BECAUSE IT TOOK ME A LIFE TIME TO GET A DIAGNOSIS.

What I want to share with you today is what WORLD AS DAY means to me. When I was thinking of what I would like to contribute today for this special day, I had so many ideas I felt I would explode, but I want to follow my heart on this day.

I started the Faces of Ankylosing Spondylitis to give people a chance to be heard, seen and validated; my battle for this disease was simple. I took on the fight of making us Visible. I wanted to share the struggles that we fight in the darkness of night, or in the brightness of the day, alone. I wanted people to know what it takes to live our lives and over 1000 people have come forward with the courage and strength to share their truth.

Today the most important word in the World AS Day is not the day, or the AS but the word WORLD.

We have come together in one place, to show unity in our fight against not only this disease but the stigma of being invisible to the world.

In honor of Stuart and Sara, who are my driving force I would like to share with you the locations of my AS family members.

At this very moment on the Faces of AS Web site we have……

1: Men (398)

2: Women (858)

3: Youth (27)

4) Unknown Location (21)

Africa (12)

Africa: Mauritius (1)

Africa: South Africa (11)

Asia (27)

Asia: Afghanistan (1)

Asia: China (1)

Asia: India (12)

Asia: Indonesia (1)

Asia: Malaysia (3)

Asia: Nepal (1)

Asia: Pakistan (3)

Asia: Phillippines (2)

Asia: Singapore (1)

Asia: South Korea (1)

Asia: Syria (1)

Australia (43)

Australia: Australian Capital Territory (1)

Australia: New South Wales (9)

Australia: Queensland (14)

Australia: South Australia (2)

Australia: Tasmania (3)

Australia: Victoria (8)

Australia: Western Australia (6)

Canada (109)

Canada: Alberta (15)

Canada: British Columbia (20)

Canada: Manitoba (6)

Canada: New Brunswick (5)

Canada: Newfoundland and Labrador (2)

Canada: Nova Scotia (4)

Canada: Ontario (46)

Canada: Prince Edward Island (1)

Canada: Quebec (7)

Canada: Saskatchewan (3)

Central America (3)

Central America: Costa Rica (1)

Central America: Dominican of Republic (1)

Central America: Guatemala (1)

Europe (180)

Europe: Belgium (3)

Europe: Croatia (1)

Europe: Cyprus (1)

Europe: Denmark (3)

Europe: Estonia (3)

Europe: France (3)

Europe: Germany (3)

Europe: Greece (3)

Europe: Italy (2)

Europe: Malta (1)

Europe: Norway (1)

Europe: Poland (1)

Europe: Portugal (1)

Europe: Russia (1)

Europe: Spain (2)

Europe: Sweden (1)

Europe: United Kingdom (150)

Europe: United Kingdom: England (112)

Europe: United Kingdom: Ireland (16)

Europe: United Kingdom: Scotland (15)

Europe: United Kingdom: Wales (7)

Mexico (12)

Mexico: Chiapas (1)

Mexico: Chihuahua (1)

Mexico: Hidalgo (1)

Mexico: Jalisco (2)

Mexico: Mexico (4)

Mexico: Nuevo León (2)

Mexico: Sonora (1)

New Zealand (1)

South America (2)

South America: Chile (1)

South America: Venezuela (1)

United States of America (846)

USA: Alabama (11)

USA: Alaska (4)

USA: Arizona (10)

USA: Arkansas (10)

USA: California (67)

USA: Colorado (22)

USA: Connecticut (13)

USA: Delaware (4)

USA: District Of Columbia (1)

USA: Florida (32)

USA: Georgia (29)

USA: Hawaii (3)

USA: Idaho (10)

USA: Illinois (20)

USA: Indiana (23)

USA: Iowa (7)

USA: Kansas (6)

USA: Kentucky (7)

USA: Louisiana (10)

USA: Maine (9)

USA: Maryland (12)

USA: Massachusetts (14)

USA: Michigan (30)

USA: Minnesota (14)

USA: Mississippi (4)

USA: Missouri (17)

USA: Montana (4)

USA: Nebraska (4)

USA: Nevada (7)

USA: New Hampshire (9)

USA: New Jersey (19)

USA: New Mexico (8)

USA: New York (35)

USA: North Carolina (34)

USA: North Dakota (2)

USA: Ohio (32)

USA: Oklahoma (16)

USA: Oregon (21)

USA: Pennsylvania (31)

USA: Rhode Island (1)

USA: South Carolina (8)

USA: South Dakota (8)

USA: Tennessee (24)

USA: Texas (86)

USA: Utah (12)

USA: Vermont (2)

USA: Virginia (13)

USA: Washington (42)

USA: West Virginia (8)

USA: Wisconsin (24)

USA: Wyoming (7)


This my friends is the true meaning of WORLD AS DAY, we are coming together from all over the world as one to make a difference in the future of AS sufferers, won’t you join us in making a difference.

2 Responses to “World AS Day 2014”

  1. Go Cookie thanks for all your hard work and sharing!!! XO I have had a tough year so been very silent, just coming out the other side I hope

  2. Shared! 😀

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