Tracy Wilson

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Ny name I’d Tracy Wilson, I live in williams lake, bc, Canada and I suffer from as! I originally suffered from si joint “dysfunction” for years, too early I guess for anything to show in X-rays! It wasn’t until several years later that I had a big iritis attack and the eye dr suggested I ask my dr for a blood test hla-b27 as he saw in my chart under medical conditions I put so joint dysfunction! So I did and sure enough it’s positive , followed by X-rays which now showed arthritis in bith si joints and lower spine! I’m currently takibg naprelan once a day! I still get iritis flares and minor si joint flares but I stay active and stretch lots and have epsom salt baths 4-5 times a week! It was suggested to me by my reumy to go on enbrel at one point, I was too scared so opted not to, then years later he wanted me to go on humira, agsin got scared, saw a second reumy who recieved everything and had another set if X-rays which actually showed very very minor changes in my X-rays after 6 years!! So I carry on with life! Worst part is the fatigue when I have a flare 😩

My name is Tracy Wilson and I am an as survivor 🙂 xoxoxo

British Columbia, Canada

One Response to “Tracy Wilson”

  1. Dear Tracy,
    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us.
    Sincerely Cookie

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