Tracey Camp

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my name is Tracey Camp
I had my 5th child in Sept 2004
Oct 2004 i had my tubes tied.
Feb 2005 I started having problems with my left arm.
May 2005 I was in a car accident.
I dealt with the pain some days i couldnt even brush my hair because my shoulders and arms hurt so bad.
I went to Dr for them to tell me nothing is wrong.
Jan 2010 my right hip started hurting so much I could barely walk. was put on meloxicam.
was on that for about a year and then was put on Lodine.
winter 2011 was told I have Serro.. RA. put on different meds (don’t remember name just remember I couldn’t be in the sun AT ALL, a car ride would turn whatever was touched by the sun RED)
then I was put on Methotrexate, Prednizone.
I had a Vasovagal thing and passed out and hurt my right hip. was put on vicoden for the pain.
I needed refills on the methot.. and they took a week to ok it and within that week I didn’t notice any difference so I stopped taking it.
my Dr changed her specialty and so I was refered to another Dr.
Oct 2013 this new Dr said she doesnt believe in Sero. RA and wanted to do a genetic test.
the test turned out positive. she did some test in the office and said with all the xrays and blood work and test she just did i have AS.
I started taking Sulfasalazine and she got me off the prednisone, however my liver results came back high so I have been taken off that too.
it took me all morning calling back and forth to the Dr office to get them to put me back on the Vic, and Pred. “it is bad for you” no the stuff you put me on is killing my liver, I HAVE To work you CANT leave me on NOTHING.
So now my liver results are going back down. and i am on pred and vic again.
I have a dr appt in May with ANOTHER Dr that is closer to my house.. 10 min drive -vs- 45 min drive .. they are from the same office so yeah i am going here instead.
so we will see what they want to do then.
i have no idea if my mother has the gene or not because we have not spoken in 12 years. yes she know i have health issues and still will not talk to me.
my husband is a great guy and takes care of the house while i work, he works during construction season. i do not know if my children have the gene but i have let them know if they start having aches and pains the Dr cant explain to ask to be tested for AS.

New York,  United States of America


One Response to “Tracey Camp”

  1. Dear Tracey,
    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us.
    Sincerely Cookie

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