Tom Contrino

I have AS, I deal with it. We all know the challenges, I promised I would never miss a day of work due to it, I have kept my promise to myself and still work actively as a fashion photographer in NYC and on location around the country everyday. Yes there is pain, I think it’s just become a baseline point of reference to me. I’m still standing tall.

One other thing…Join the SAA, it is the BEST source for information on AS, and they do amazing work in patient support and sponsoring important research and the other thing is all I have to say about AS….kind of like the Eagles (Don Henley Song) “get over it” lol I don’t let much stop And I don’t mince words. And I ESPECIALLY don’t whine about AS or need strangers to cheer me up or on! I’m ok on that front. Great work you’re doing…another wonderful addition to our family.

Tom Contrino Photography, New York City Fashion Photographer and Lifestyle Photographer. Clients include: J. Crew, Perry Ellis, Simplicity Patterns, Suede Says, Cynthia Rowley. Commercial Director.
I shoot a lot of music stuff also most recently my friend JD Souther and Levon Helm. JD wrote many of the Eagles biggest hits, including Heartache Tonight, New Kid in Town, Sad Cafe and many others. My other new venture is producing live concerts in my 3000 sq ft studio, to satisfy my love of music mostly…
As you can see, I don’t give in to the AS EVER!
New York, New York  United States of America

One Response to “Tom Contrino”

  1. Dear Tom,

    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. Thank you for helping me make my 100 faces in a month goal!
    Sincerely Cookie

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