Tarla Rawlinson

Face 800My name is tarla rawlinson I’m 27 years old & I was diagnosed with AS in october 2011. I have 3 children ages nearly 10, 8 & nearly 5. I 1st started getting pain in my back & legs about a year after having my 1st baby & docs diagnosed me with sciatica, was given pain killers but the pain was just getting worse, I was constantly in & out of my doctors surgery & eventually I was reffered to a pain clinic, here I was diagnosed with sacroiliac joint instability & given more pain killers. However the pain was getting worse & worse that at 1 point I was unable 2 move from my sofa, after about a wk of being sofa bound & on loads of different meds the pain was so intense my mother called an ambulance, it was very scary as no1 knew what to do, at the a & e department I was given more morphine & reffered bk to my gp! Saw my gp a wk later & she asked the pain clinic to send me for an mri scan, the doc at the pain clinic was very reluctent to send me for an mri & said he is 99.9% sure it will show nothing other then sji, anyway he reluctently agreed & went ahead with the mri. I had 2 wait a few days for the results & was called in to see a rheumatoligist (pls mind my spellings) here is when the rheumatoligist told me I had ankylosing spondylitis & explained what it is, he asked if any1 in my family have it & no they don’t I’d never even heard of it b4! Didn’t even really understand untill I got home & google searched it. My brother was having similar symptoms at the time so I told the rheumatolisgist this & he got my brother in quite quickly after & he has also been diagnosed. We are the only 2 with it in our family that we know of. So far neither my mums side or my dads side can think of any ancestors that had it! We are both on humira injections now & they are a god send! Heaven knows where I’d be without these!

United Kingdom

One Response to “Tarla Rawlinson”

  1. Dear Tarla,
    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us, and for being my face 800, you were just what the soul ordered.
    Sincerely Cookie

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