Sumit Paul

Hello All,

I am Sumit Paul, from Calcutta, India.

I am 26 years old, and I am suffering from AS for the past 7 years now.

I felt a cramping pain in my right knee area at the very beginning of my college life, took some pain killers, as docs prescribed. But the pain was persistent. Doctor thought it’s just some water get deposited at my knee area :P. But day by day my condition didn’t change, even it became worse. I was unable to move unable to walk or do anything. Had a walking stick of my grandpa, was using that one..

Then I went to an orthopedic who told me to do some exercises, gave some medicines and told there was nothing to worry. I can go to my college from the very next day, (its funny coz at that time I was unable to move my leg, I lost the total control over it). I was under him for 3-4 months. I even did Biopsy.  My pain was worse and it was unbearable & condition was not at all well.

Then my brother who is a surgeon in a very famous hospital here, he told me to visit his teacher, who taught him when he was studying MBBS(Doctor). He saw me only one time, with just the movement of my knee/leg he first diagnosed that it was AS, and I am a HLAB27+. I don’t even know the meaning of it, felt like X-MEN 😀 . Like I have the power of doing something incredible …hahaha!!!

The disease which is totally unknown to me, Doc told that it is incurable, an autoimmune, progressive arthritis. There is a famous Indian movie called ‘Anand’ where the patient suffers from cancer, scientific name –  (lymphosarcoma of the intestine). I thought something like that.  These terms were Hebrew to me. He treated me in a very controlled way, gave medicines and injections in a mathematical approach, and asked me to do some specific exercises. Slowly, gradually I completed my Engineering. Now I can stand on my legs, walk, can go to office, and can visit places. Today, whatever I am, it’s just because of him. I am really grateful to him. He is just like a God to me..

Right now I have severe pain in my SIJ area and some other complications due to Sulphasalazine and some other medicines. But it’s part of this illness. You can’t get rid of it. I know it will increase day by day.

Life is very unstable, one moment you’re at top of the world, and in very next you just …..Vanished..!!  Yet it has some wonderful twists & turns, the more you will face the stronger person you will become. . It’s precious … Keep fighting.. have patience and accept the facts.. Keep your acceptance level to infinity so that nothing can bother you.

Life is Beautiful.. Take care my friends. 🙂

— Thanks -Sumit Paul


One Response to “Sumit Paul”

  1. Dear Sumit,
    Thank you so much for sharing your story so much.
    Sincerely Cookie

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