Stephen Cook

My name is Stephen Cook, I am 38 and live in Southend-on-Sea in South East England .

I have been well aware of AS throughout my life as my father is a sufferer. Thankfully, my symptoms did not start until my late 20′s but started to get worse in my early 30′s. I also suffer with Psoriasis, often linked to arthritis. I was diagnosed with AS in 2006 and the advice from the doctor was to keep active. At this point I started to swim regularly and have taught myself the correct breathing techniques to swim front crawl. I am trying to resist drugs as much as I can and over the past few years have benefited from a pamidronate infusion where I sit on a drip for 3 hours in a hospital. This treatment is actually for osteoporosis but has been known to help AS sufferers including me. Two weeks after the infusion I can normally sleep more than the six hours maximum I can currently only manage.
After reading many of the inspirational testimonies on this website I feel lucky to have a relatively manageable condition at this moment in time. My main issues are sleeping due to the pain in my lumber region and recently I have experienced problems sitting down as I expect my coccyx is flaring. I do have exciting news however which is that I am performing in the London 2012 Olympic games opening and closing ceremonies as a drummer and on field marshal. It is quite physically demanding but I won’t let AS define me and I am determined to have a full life. In 2013 my wife and I are planning to travel, a process I am writing about on my blog – Life Begins @ 40 ( I am on twitter (@stephendcook)
  Southend-on-Sea in South East England .
Stephen Cook To Perform In Olympic Ceremonies!

One Response to “Stephen Cook”

  1. Dear Stephen,
    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. I hope you will be sharing pictures of your amazing accomplishment in the 2012 Olympic games. Amazing thank you so much.
    Sincerely Cookie

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