Stacie L.

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I’m 42 years old and was diagnosed withankylosingspondylitis the first time in July of 2003 because of my back pain that would wake me up or prevent me from sleeping but the doctor then told me I didn’t need to see arheumatologist because they would tell me the same thing so I didn’t and I took a few meds she prescribed. I tookBextra which was taken off the market a little while after I started it. Lovely :-\   I was told in grade school I had a minorscoliosis but nothing to worry about. Had reconstructive jaw surgery because of an inherited over bite. Not fun and not really to do with AS but a part of my life story. I have had migraine/headaches since I was 15 and a lot more over the last few years. Have had a few car accidents that were not my fault, a few not so good falls over the last 3 yrs that sprained too many places to list and have aches insome spots from those. I have always gotten bladder/UTI s all too easy and was diagnosed with a dysfunctional void in 2009 which I have just learned to deal with. I hadiritis in my right eye in 2006 and then that’s what lead me to my 2nd diagnosis of AS in 9/2013. I hadiritis in my left eye March 2013 and after amis diagnosis at the ER I went to an eye dr and had a posteriorsynechia but with steroid drops every hour I was awake that repaired itself. Whew! Then a month later I hadiritis in both eyes. Haven’t hadiritis for about 4 months but still dealing with light sensitivity, redness andachiness in one or the other each day. Because if the strong steroid drops I used I have the start of cataracts in both eyes, muscle weakness in my right eye as well as a squiggly fuzzy line in my line of vision. My left eye I have a dark littlefloater andphotopsia that prob won’t go away. I have been onremicade since Oct 2013 which has helped a lot with my SI joints and my eyes seem to be cooperating some and do have some jaw issues…. MaybeTMJ :-\  so that’s me…

I am HLA-B27 positive as well.

Big gentle hugs to all ❤

Washington, United States of America


One Response to “Stacie L.”

  1. Dear Stacie,
    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us.
    Sincerely Cookie

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