Stacie Faria

I was diagnosed with AS in 2015.  I’ve had symptoms since I was 20.  My rheumatologist first said it was fibromyalgia and then sacroiliitis. Then I had a MRI that showed my spine fusing together.  I was actually crying when my doctor told me I had AS.  I was just so happy to finally know what was wrong.  It’s been a tough road but I’m doing my best to stay positive.  My only wish is that I could go one day without pain.
My family and I are huge fans of Imagine Dragons.  I was lucky enough to win concerts tickets and a meet and greet back in October.  It was amazing!  My husband and I had such a great time.  The meet and greet was 30 seconds but was happy I was able to thank Dan for all the work he is doing.  I attached the picture of the meet and greet.  Now I’m just waiting for them to come back in concert so I can bring my boys.
Stacie Faria
Massachusetts, United States of America

One Response to “Stacie Faria”

  1. Dear Stacie,
    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us.
    Thank you for sharing your visit with Imagine Dragons.
    Sincerely Cookie

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