Sharon Sanders Willey

Face 1220Growing up I always had trouble keeping my shoulders back,I was the kid who walked around with my hands in my back pockets thinking that would help,when I was 21 I got the flu took weeks to recover and after I did I began to have leg/hip pain.It would come and go over the next year so I went to the Doc….but guesss what ,I was going to have my first child two more and years later seeing lots of Doc(with no answer) 2 bout’s with iritis,one day I am sitting in the report room taking off my snow boot’s and my Doc was sitting watching me,and say’s “Is that as far as you can raise your leg?”I just laughed and said yes…..lights must have been flashing in her head all the things I had complained about started to make sense,special x-rays and blood test and a 29 year-long mystery is solved!My girl’s ask me later if I was mad…..nope ,just glad I’m not crazy!I know I’ve left a lot out but I’m not very good at this and the grammar mistakes would get worse.I can honestly say this group has been the best thing AS has done for me.

Thank You all for having my back and sharing your pain-won wisdom.

Sharon Willey

Kansas, United States of America

One Response to “Sharon Sanders Willey”

  1. Dear Sharon,
    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us.
    Sincerely Cookie

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