Sharon McDermid

As a child I went through life thinking the pain I had was normal ,I grew to accept the dull aches in my back and neck . My mum would say aww hun its all part of growing up so I stopped telling her and carried on . Time passed and life was tuff . Shoot forward to the last two years I changed my doctors a few times one even told me it was my hormones. Things were not right the first time any one actually said I may have AS  was when my right knee swelled up and I had to have surgery to clean it out . Following that I began to feel so exhausted and ached so much in my back hips ect .Bloods were taken and in 2009 I was told I had the HLA B27 gene (WHAT DID THAT MEAN ) xrays showed I have an S-shaped spine scoliosis . my vertebrae are showing wear and tear early AS so here I am sharing my pain it’s still new to me and some days I wanna curl up and sleep but I keep moving cos sitting /standing too long hurts so much . Getting up takes forever and keeping my chin up is like trying to lift a heavy load x I am so pleased I have friends who understand . I have no children not sure if that’s a blessing but I do know I would not want them to have this awful disease.

yours Sharon xxx DNA

One Response to “Sharon McDermid”

  1. Dear Sharon,

    I am so happy you agreed to be included in this, it means the world to me!
    Remember we are always here for you.
    Sincerely Cookie

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