Sharon Krause

Face 1255Hi. My name is Sharon. I’m 46. I was in a car accident in 1991. I was 23. I was hit on the drivers side. I ended up in ER the next day in severe pain. I had 3 bulging discs. After over 2 years of PT and pain still severe my PCP sent me for MRI and opinion from a rheumy    They did a series of blood tests including HLA B27. The doctors told me I could of lived my life not knowing I had AS, but trauma brought it “out”. My estranged sister also has AS but her issues are different than mine. She has chrohns and iritis.
I stayed with my first rheumy who was great and became a “friend” until March 2013 after she forgot to give me MRI results of more bulging discs and pushing pain meds (perks, flexeril, Valium, cortisone) instead of treating my AS and fibro. I have been on so many different meds. I need labs every six months, because I was born with only my right kidney. I tried humira for 3 years and learned from current rheumy the dose wasn’t enough and caused damage. I’ve been out of work 18 months (I think my nursing days are over). I applied for disability. I was denied and my lawyer appealed.
I have spurs, SI joint damage, disc issues and my spine is rigid. My right leg is unbearable at times. I started remicade a year ago. It’s going ok but still have chronic pain every day along with other issues. My husband, two kids, family and friends are great, but this group really helps and understands. Thank you!!
Sharon Krause,

Boston Massachusetts
United States of America

One Response to “Sharon Krause”

  1. Dear Sharon,
    Thank you so much for sharing story with us.
    Sincerely Cookie

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