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Hi my name is Ruth, I’m 44yrs old and I first noticed something was wrong at the age of 31. I started getting what seemed like sciatic pains from the lower back down to my calf. My doctor at the time sorry but was just clueless about AS . He sent me to a guy that stretched me which made me worse, acupuncture, traction which was me lying on a table face down while a ” doctor” grabbed me feet and pulled but never was I sent for bloodwork, x rays or an MRI.   Finally thanks to changing my doctor I was properly diagnosed and able to seek proper treatment and the knowledge to make my life less painful and still keep somewhat active. It’s a challenging disease I will admit that it can be depressing not be able to do things that you once loved but you learn to deal with it and move on.
Thanks, Ruth
Ontario, Canada

One Response to “Ruth”

  1. Dear Ruth,
    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us.
    Sincerely Cookie

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