Robert Marryatt

hi  my name is Robert Marryatt   I have a .s  I was  diagnosed  about a month ago  after  going through years of chronic pain in my wrists  arms  and now recently in my lower back  I’ve had several surgery’s on my arms (wrists  to remove bone  due to a birth defect ) I have no rotation in my  right and left arms  that on top of  a s I do suffer chronic pain  in both arms ,wrists  and (lower back for  4 months now)  at time the pain can be very intense and I cant move ,I’m recently going to be going to see a doctor in victoria  and see what  they can do besides  been on meds 24/7 . I also  have C.O.P.D   and  EMPHAZIMA  .I try to keep busy  but at times it is hard

British Columbia Canada

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