Phil Collins

Hi, My name is Phil J. Collins (no relation to singer lol) Im 36 and live in Naple FL…I have been dealing with AS the last 17 years, real bad the Last 10 but was just diagnosed 4 years ago. I used to play Sports my whole life (Soccer,Basketball,Football,Golf,MartialArts) It’s been 8 years since I did anything active like that …. Most of my pain is in my hips, spine, chest/ribs area…. I get epidural shots every 3 months along with pain meds and Enbrel….No doubt this is a debilitating disease that no one understand unless they have it , no matter how u try to explain people don’t understand.
Phil J Collins
Naples ,Florida United States of America

One Response to “Phil Collins”

  1. Dear Phil,
    Thank you so much for sharing you story with us. It was funny someone had just asked if we knew who the people who were famous that had Ankylosing Spondylitis. Then I hear … you got mail and it was yours.
    I laughed because you said no relation to the singer, talk about perfect timing!
    Sincerely Cookie

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