Hi my name is Peter I`ve had A.S for 43 years i was 17 but i was 26 when i was finally diagnosed with A.S. i have been given many different kinds of medication to try over the years i am currently taking sulfasalazine,etopan,co dydramol and enbrel injections so far these are making me feel comfortable but i am still waiting for that magic pill.

Greater Manchester England

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  1. You know I try never to have my picture taken from the side as I`m quite stooped & do not like looking at my self just recently my daughter got married I told the family please do not take photos of me walking my daughter down the aisle & asked my daughter to do the same with her friends that was a waste of time . my wife & I have been married for 42 years in September & as I said my A.S started when I was 17 I did not get to much trouble until I was 19 which was the year we got married so my poor wife as been by my side all through my A.S & being newly weds she must of thought what have I let myself in for.but she is still with me . & for a 19 year old to take this on & still be doing it after 42 years & 7 children well is thank you enough while bringing up our children she as help with bath wash dress pick things up get out of bed out of chairs visit me in hospital when I had my hips replaced & as my A.S as gone to my right hand & had to have a metal rod in to straighten my hand & recently my left hand which is still in plaster as I write this she is still doing for me & she is 60 her self now so A.S does not just affect one person it can affect the whole family & I`m so lucky and blessed to have one and just hope I have not past it on to my children so far I think I`m lucky as a parent who loves his children that would make me very sad knowing that they would have to go through life & suffer like I had to do & no parents wish that with or without A.S.from Peter from Oldham in Greater Manchester England.

    • Hello Peter,
      I understand totally about the pictures. I hate having my picture taken and was difficult to do so even for my own vision of this site. You should submit a story one day about the love and dedication of your wife. We have one story on here about a coach being a HERO for Ashley. I want this to be a site about the reality of AS, our lives, our heros, our family struggles and such. I want everyone to know our truth. I understand the fear of passing this on to your children, I fear that also. It is why I work so hard trying to bring awareness of how hard this disease really is, so maybe one day someone will sit up and take notice.
      Blessings from Texas

      Sincerely Cookie

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