Nitin Singh

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My name is Nitin  26 yr old from  India ! As a kid was very active until 15  started  pains backache  n started loosing weight  kept n visiting doctors for long time no diagnose was done had painkillers  ! Symptoms were growing and so was pain was so painful fell n ground many times   pain was so bad early i used to feel someone squeezing from in  and severe inflammation n back dr in 2006 tested for hlab27  was +  and referred to rheumy! The first thing rheumy said me you’re not going to die u have  as ! Neva heard before had lots of pills  had it taken for 6 months  my neck was stiff total  twisted to other side with drugs felt better but not free moved to ayurveda help of oil massage did wonder stiffness gone in two months! After that was on nsaid taking on sos  with time As was flaring now n then fatigue kyphosis were affecting bad most of the day was stooping bad  : Years passed  finally legs were not co Operating any more  I could  barely walk  had severe pain n inflammation took ayurveda treatment spent  lots of $ no use went back to rheumy under went x-rays and dr said they r fused need to be replaced!  Tears were flowing that moment was unable to control  big amount  req to  replace friends n family helped  ! No insurance here ! Now both hips r totally replaced doing better with time! Thank u asap I’m not alone u gave me some best friends who inspire me always ! Lots of love keep moving!

India, Asia

One Response to “Nitin Singh”

  1. Dear Nitin,
    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us.
    Sincerely Cookie

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