Misty Day

37 year old mother of 3. I have suffered from fatigue my entire adult life. Doctor’s would check my thyroid and blood count and tell me I’m fine. My lower back was always stiff, I can recall this as far back as middle school. My wrists and hands hurt, but it wasn’t carpal tunnel. Then 2 years of plantar fasciitis. Later “eye infections” would trouble me. After my third child I went into a massive flare. Everything hurt. I could barely lift my baby. I’d wake crying. Life was miserable. I finally, after 15 years, found a doctor whom would listen. He ran several blood tests. When his nurse called to inform me that several came back positive for autoimmune disorders. I cried tesrs of joy. I was happy something showed, something was in fact wrong. I could get answers, after 15+ years of being told nothing was wrong with me. I could get treatment!! I went on to a rheumatologist whom diagnosed me quickly because my primary had done such a thorough work up. The day I started Enbrel was a happy, yet terrifying day. I have my life back now. I don’t wake up in complete agony. I can carry my baby. I no longer walk with a limp. I have a few small aches and pains that I manage through. But over all I am happy for the time being.

Utah, United States of America

One Response to “Misty Day”

  1. Dear Misty,
    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us.
    Sincerely Cookie

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