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Mike M

I’m a retired police detective from Toms River, NJ

I’ve been dealing with auto-immune disease for almost 30 years, having been diagnosed with

Crohn’s Disease in my early 20’s and then A.S. just a few years ago.

I could write a book about my “story” in dealing with these “gifts” (and I may someday.)  I do my best

to control my symptoms of AS with diet, supplements, proteolytic enzymes, and some Ayurvedic practices.

I’ve been on humira since late 2011 since receiving my AS diagnosis.  I have some fusion in my neck and spine, some calcifications in shoulder tendons, but for the most part, I’m doing WAY better than I was a year ago (even after being on humira for a while.)

I had very little mobility in my neck and a lot of pain in my back and my right shoulder.  I had been receiving cortisone injections

in my shoulder every few months for a year and I was using pain patches and pain meds for back pain to get to sleep at night. So much changed for me when I listened to the advice of a friend…

I bought a juicer and started juicing organic fruit and vegetables…He suggested that I do a 21 day “juice fast.”  I did

it for 12 days before I broke the fast.  The first few days were pretty horrible because when you do this, your body goes through

a “detox” phase and it releases all kinds of “junk” which I had accumulated in my tissues over the years.  On my 4th day of the

juice fast, I felt amazing and didn’t need the pain meds or the pain patch to sleep that night.  I’ve never used a pain med since

that time either…and that was more than a year ago!

The juice fast was an amazing experience and I’ve done it a few times since then and will do it again in January.

I try to eat a diet of organic (as often as I can get it) vegetables and fruit, chicken and fish.  I look for wild caught fish and

free range or organic chicken.  I eat smaller portions and try not to very much processed foods.  Someone I know once told me

a good rule to go by…”If God didn’t make it, don’t eat it!”

I swear by my nutritional supplements which I’ve taken since 2003 and more recently, I’ve discovered proteolytic enzymes and

consider one in particular to be a “miracle worker” because of the range of motion which I’ve recovered in just a short time.  Since I

started using “Serrapeptase,” I’ve really increased the mobility in my neck- side to side and I can now look  up (a little further than

I could before I started using this enzyme.)  I can also stand with my feet (shoulder width) apart, bend over at the waist and touch

the floor with both hands!  Just a few months ago, I couldn’t anywhere near the floor!

I understand that there’s no cure for AS and the best we can do is hope for symptom relief.  There’s no “magic bullet” to healing and my recent good health has only come about because of my determination to find a better way than what my docs would have me doing.

My prayer for others with AS is that they are open to the possibilities that they can heal their pain without constantly

turning to some prescription cocktail or injection.

I have AS, but it does NOT have me!

Yours in health,

Mike Malachefski

New Jersey, United States of America

4 Responses to “Mike Malachefski”

  1. Dear Mike,
    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us.
    Sincerely Cookie

  2. Hey Mike…thanks for sharing….. glad to hear your gaining on your ‘gifts’. I have a severe case of IBS (or maybe IBD) and was looking at biofilm disruptors to try and enhance the effectiveness of herbal antibiotics. Serrapeptase came up and further reading revealed anti inflammatory as well as pain killing properties. I started wondering if it would help my chronic low back pain, which I suspect is of the inflammatory type although I haven’t been diagnosed with A.S. Your write up here gave me a little spark of hope and I’m going to buy some tomorrow. Can you tell me what strength and doses you take? Cheers, Neil

  3. i am glad this is helping you i just found out i have AS and also just found out about serrapeptase ,and have started taking it . this serrapeptase works very good as a anti inflammatory and it seems my body has had none of the side efects i get with over the counter nsaid,s

  4. Great story. Thanks for the info Mike

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