Michele Metts

Face 771My name is Michele and I was finally diagnosed with AS after over 17 years of symptoms

I am 43 years old and started having problems in my 20’s and was diagnosed with Arthritis, spinal stenosis, ddd.  It just progressively got worse to where at first I couldn’t sit with pain and now to where my days are filled with pain from my si joints, feet, shoulder, jaw, neck and spine. I also have a 2 herniated discs that are compressing on my nerve causing nerve damage and severe pain radiating down leg to foot. I also have congenital aortic stenosis in which the as is making worse by degenerating my valve. I am happily married and my husband is very supportive and my best friend. We have 5 children, only one left at home who is a soon to be 15 year old beautiful young lady who plays volleyball for school and club. I love watching her play but I am waiting for some relief to where I can watch her without pain from sitting and hoping to get rid of my cane one day as I am embarrassed to be 43 using a cane to walk at times. My mom also has AS and we support each other. Sadly she had alot of pulmonary issues from As. I pray my children do not get this awful thing call AS! I used to work full time as a sales/ marketing manager but due to my health have gone down to very part time and gave up my manager title. I work about 10-12 hours at home a week and filed for disability. I miss seeing people but cannot sit at a desk. All I can say about that is my AS hurts too bad to sit or stand or to so much of anything:( I love reading the Faces of As and hope to meet some of you! I live in Clear Lake which is a suburb of Houston Texas.  Best of luck to all with our fight against AS!

Texas, United States of America




One Response to “Michele Metts”

  1. Dear Michele,
    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us.
    Sincerely Cookie

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