Michael Smith

My name is Michael Smith I am 39 and live in Las Vegas NV. I have been suffering from A.S. since I was 17. I am fused in my sacroiliac joints and the majority of my vertebrae and walk like I am an 80 year old. Recently a friend’s daughter asked me I walked the way I did? I answered her and said it is because I enjoyed watching the ant races! We both had a good laugh and moved along to some other topic. That has been the key for me, never letting it define me or who I am and never dwelling on it. This is what has allowed me to move on from the anger and depression that the pain brings to everyday life.

Nevada United States of America

One Response to “Michael Smith”

  1. Dear Michael,
    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. You remind me of the quoete:
    I am not what happened to me.
    I am what I choose to become.
    Carl Jung
    Sincerely Cookie

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