Merritt Gregg

My name is Merritt Gregg from Columbia, SC and I was diagnosed with AS at the age of 20, now 30. After being on several NSAIDS (some of which helped but taken off the market) I am currently being treated with Remicade IV infusions every 2 months. This treatment has been working for me for the most part, but I have my bad days as others do. Somedays I struggle with the simplest tasks such as walking, climbing stairs, bending over, lifting heavy items and I can’t remember the last time I ran. I mean just ran (not just for exercise) but for fun or whatever reason. However, I find that I have the most trouble with AS when I’m trying to relax, but keeping an upright posture has always seemed to alleviate some of my pain. I try to make it a priority (ex. in bed reading, eating at the dinner table, watching a movie).  I’ve been working in healthcare for almost 10 years now, so whenever others at work see me limping, (sometimes with both legs) lets just say thats never a brief conversation. 🙂 I have a general idea of what AS is, but have not looked into it further (maybe) because I’d be afraid of how my life will be projected when I’m older. I don’t know if it’s a hereditary case for me, unless it’s a distant relative, but somehow I wound up with the diagnosis and will deal with it.

I married my best friend and am a proud father of a wonderful daughter and another on the way this coming August! I love reading, taking walks, working with computers, time with family and friends and am a movie fanatic.

Thank you all for your support to one another with this debilitating condition and I am privileged to be part of this group. God Bless you all.

Columbia, South Carolina United States of America

One Response to “Merritt Gregg”

  1. Dear Merritt,
    Thank you for sharing your story with us,. Congratulations on the new baby coming. I understand the fear of looking into the future, but as with all things our futures never turn ourt as we plan. What works for me, is to educate myself, plan for my future and live for today. I will worry about tomorrow when it becomes to day.

    Sincerely Cookie

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