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Hi my name is Melissa Hill-Fong and I am 31 years old. I have two kids they are 8 and 9 and I am married to a wonderful husband Manuel. And here is my story of having AS I was diagnosed with AS in 2010. When I first started hurting was probaly about 13 years old. My lower back would freeze and I would laydown in a chair and scoot up and it would pop and that was that. Never thought of anything about. My Mom would never take me to the dr said I was a hypocondric. So I just left it at that. Thought well I guess people are always in pain like this so I learned how to cope with it. Well as I grew up I had my first daughter. That was in 2004 she was a beauty. But after I had her it was hard to walk so painful but the drs. Were like your fine it will go away here are some extra strength ibuprofen. And once again I thought it was normal. Then I had my son 2005 and he was not as bad but the pain once again was unbearable but I pushed through with it. I always ran track and biked (even when I was young sitting on the bike hurt but once again thoughtit was normal) and so with my kids in tow I would walk about 5 miles a day. Then I started to work again and was doing customer service and once again sitting there was horrible!! after a 1 year it was unbearable to drive and sit! So I went to the dr and he stated I just had a brusied tailbone. And gave pain meds and told me to sit on a doughnut. I did and it just got worse I felt like I had a pole up my butt! So I seeked out a back doctor and was told I had a bent tailbone at a 90 degree angle! Ouch! but there as nothing anybody could do just live with it! This was not acceptable! I seeked on the computer endless for help. I found out that there were two options! One is to go to a chiropracter and get it pulled straight! Ummm negative! the second is to have it removed and there were only 2 drs. One was in Texas so I was grateful to go! He did a scan and said yulp when you want to do it? I was shocked that easy he said yes 30 minutes and your done! well I did it and he said when he pulled it out it fell apart in his hands! It had been broken into 2 different spots. Probaly from when I had my kids and I was probaly born like that and never knew! I thought good problem solved! Nope it wasn’t…2 weeks later I was in more pain then before! Went back and he looked at my back and said I had some wear and tear and sent me to the pain clinic. They did a discogram and many other tests and found out I had disc degeneartive disease. Well I still was in pain so I went to my GP and told him about everything and just more medcine and now physical therapy. Well it was like 1 to 2 years of back and forth and going to diff back doctors. I wasn’t going to give up! finally my gp knew of what was going on said well its not common in women but let me test you for this disease. It came back that I had the gene of HLB-27. I NOW had a name for it. I have Ankylosing spondylitis. What do I do he said you need medcine different kind of medcine for you to take these pain meds will not work and that’s why it hasn’t worked! so off to the rhuemy I go. But those with As know that you have to switch rhuemys often. Well now I struggle daily with this disease and having reactions to the TNF I can’t take anymore I am still trying to find my with this disease and I also have osteo and fibromylagia and PSA. But the thing is you can’t ever give up!! stand up for yourself and keep on finding the right medcine and a good doctor! You know your body more the other people do!

Stand tall!

Thanks for reading Melissa

Texas, United States of America

One Response to “Melissa Hill-Fong”

  1. Dear Melissa,
    Thank you so much for sharing your story.
    Sincerely Cookie

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