Megan Gammon

So this is my story about a disease even I can not pronounce! I am twenty seven years old and as long as I can rememember most of my life I have had alot of pain! I had a minor car accident in 2002 after only having my driviers license for a few months in which I hit my knee on the dash board . I started having severe pain in my knees lower back and syactic nerve . The pain was so intense I could not even sleep at night , I would just cry in bed for hours .I was recommended for physcial therapy but not having health insurance at the time could not afford it , this went on for years but for some reason only at night! Then I started experncing severe pain in my rib cage and sides. Was sent too the er too be told more then likely I had irritable bowel syndrome . Was put on all these diets and fiber and everything else but nothing ever helped. A few years go on and  one morning I wake up in severe pain and can barely see out of my right eye. Went too the doctor and was told he thought I had congetive itis and possibly a scratch.He prescribed a eye drop and I went ahead and filled it and went too work. At the time I was working in walmart so I decided too stop by the eye doctor and see if there was anyway they would see me. I was told I had a really bad bacteria infection possibly from make up and that I was also having a allergic reaction possibly too the eye drop the previos doctor had given me . I have a mild allergie too sulfur and come too find out the eye drop the previous doctor had given me was direveted from sulfur. So for the next few days it just kept getting worse and the point i had lost all vison in my right eye. Eventually vison was restored and everything went on normal for a while.I continued too have pain and nothing continued too help. Then in 2010 I lost my vison once again! I started noticing that my right eye was turning red and went too the doctor and was told I had pink eye . I told the doctor over and over how my eye was not itchy painful or anything. Started the eye drops and meds she prescribed and it just kept getting worse! My husband rushed me too er when They told him they suspected I had an abses on my brain. Spent the next three days in and out the er continuly being told there was nothing they could do for me . I was given all kinds of crazy diagnosises ! Finally the er doctor asked that we leave because he had done everything he could. My husband pleaded and pleaded with him . I rememember him saying if she was your wife what would you do?Where would you take her? To finally him threating the doctor he had better do something . The doctor kept telling us how on a holiday weekend its hard too get anybody but he finally was able too get what he reffered too as one of the best mds around. And I tell you what a loser this man was! First thing this man asked my husband was he sure he had not done this too me . He kept saying are you sure you werent just mad at her and punched her? I need too know man just tell me . To then asking me was there a chance that I could be hiv postive or any other stds .It took everything My husband and I both had too remail claim . He put me on high doses of predisone and monitored my pressures for weeks . And then outta the blue he told me there was nothing else he could do but check my innflammation rate and ra marker . Went back a few days later and was told your inflammation markers are through the roof and you probably have RA. I was very confused about everything and was told there was nothing else he could do and that lots of people have it and there just fine. Beyond frustrated on the way home my husband just pulls into another eye doctor too see if theres anyway they could see me .I was treated once again like a science project and asked the same questions over and over and told there was nothing he could do but there was someone he wanted too refer me too. I started see the new eye doctor and I tell you what.. he was the only person who ever treated me like an actual person. After seeing  my sed rate he reffered me too a rheumtologist and I  tested positive for the gene . I tell you it had been along road but Im so thankful I have traveled it . Since my diagnosis I have lost my vison two more times and one time in both eyes . This is when I decided too start taking humira!As far as pain humira has been a god sent . I tell you though I have stayed so sick… bronchitis, sinus infections, abses in my throat and tonsilectomy. I am currently seeking too starting something new. I may have this disease but it does not have me  . I am the best mother, wife,best friend and employee. I do everything I can too live a normal life !I have the best husband family and friends a girl could ask for. They may not always understand the things I go through but they always listen and try there best . And I know if my husband wasnt the man he is too this very day i would still not know what was going on with me …….. And in closing I will steal my best friends saying..Everything happens for a reason!! Stand tall my friends because you are so worth it !Tell your story and bring awarness 🙂

One Response to “Megan Gammon”

  1. Dear Megan,
    Thank you so much for sharing your story. I hope to bring awareness and understanding to people about Ankylosing Spondylitis. Stand Tall my friend!
    Sincerely Cookie

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