Face 2141

This is a face of AS he was diagnosed at age 9 when he woke up one Monday morning and could not walk! It started out with him limping around on one foot the week before. He never said anything to me about hurting just figured he did something because he is a very active boy. By the end of the week it was the other foot. So decided that we would see how the weekend went with him. Never really slowed him down he was still outside playing with his friends. Monday morning came and went to get him up for school he was in so much pain he could not walk. We went to our primary care physician and he did tons of tests and decided it was possibly some sort of arthritis so he called up a specialist and he was put on steroids and anti inflammatories. We were given an appointment for 2 weeks later with a JA doctor 5 hours away. Mabricio went to his appointment in a wheelchair because it hurt to bad to walk! We spent all day there doing X-rays and a second mri. The JA doctor diagnosed him with AS and was put on methotrexate and Naproxen plus folic acid. He returned to school in a wheelchair for almost 2 months before it didn’t hurt so much to walk. He was not a happy camper being in a wheelchair at school because he could not participate in sports and playing with his friends at recess. Finally he started to feel less pain and it didn’t hurt as much to walk. In 5th grade his teacher would email me that Mabricio was walking on tiptoes after gym class because his heels hurt to bad to walk normally. So we did another mri and made an emergency trip to the specialist. He was put on Humira and a higher dose of naproxen. Now over two years later he has a methotrexate shot once a week a Humira shot every two weeks along with naproxen twice a day and folic acid every day. He is still very active and has to be told to sit out of gym because he has heel pain after running. He hates to sit out!!

One Response to “Mabricio”

  1. Dear Mabricio,
    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. If you ever need someone to talk to, we are here for you.
    Sincerely Cookie

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