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Hello my little As friends.  My name is Lori Driscoll, from the lil town of Edgwood Texas.  This is a pic of me 3 yrs ago at Al Green concert.   I’m married to a wonderful, caring man for 31 yrs now, with 3 kids and 4 grands ranging from 16 to 2.  I do not work outside the home, far to busy with grands.

My story starts when I was 42 and building a huge fish pond in the back yard.  I had been moving concrete blocks all day. Yes, my back was killer, but I had to show I can “still” do it. The next morning I could hardly walk, due to plantar fascia.  Could not figure what was up, lasted forever.  Crocs were the only shoes I could wear.  Went to Foot docs, Chiro’s, family doc. you name it, with no relief in site.  I was told I had Fibro, when the rest of the pain joined in.  All this lasting 6 yrs until I went to my first Rheumy.  He said I was zero neg. for R. arthritis and had degenerative disc change.  Put me on Metho, tramadol and folic acid, change to others when tramadol did nothing.  As time went on my pain became unbearable in my hips mostly, and my doctor became complacent. I decided to change Rheumatologist.

My Reumy now is a female.  She did blood test with no X-ray.  That’s when she told me I have A.S. gene.  What the hell was that… She has tried me on Humaria, Simponi and now I’m on Remicade. She put shots in my hips for the bursitis, which has been the bomb.

How come my other doc. didn’t see that.

I’m still trying to figure out who in my family has or had, while hoping my sons don’t have when they always whine about the pain in their back or hip.  Of course, they are hard headed and won’t be tested.   They think I’m a hypocondriac, when it’s really hard to not be.  Since this diagnosis I realized all the signs were there since 17, just chose to ignore I guess.

Thank you all for helping me with your stories.

Remember to Play when you can!

Texas, United States of America

One Response to “Lori Driscoll”

  1. Dear Lori,
    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us.
    Sincerely Cookie

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