Lisa Rolfe

I’m Lisa Rolfe living in Buckinghamshire England My Father was diagnosed in the early 70s,he was told then it was only likely to pass onto any sons he will have! I was 9-10 yrs old when my knees started aching,swelling and giving me alot of pain n discomfort.Many trips to Doctors with constant diagnosis of “GROWING PAINS” I was 18 not long after I had my 1st child that my hips n lower back started causing me alot of pain,stiffness and generally feeling like ****..I could barely walk on bad days!Pain killers and Ibuprofen were prescribed for my “GROWING PAINS” During the pregnancy of my 2nd daughter 3 yrs later it got so bad it wld take an hour+ to walk to the bathroom,had extremely bad hayfever at the time which had me screaming out in pain from a sneeze..The Doctors started paying more attention then and finally referred me to a specialist! I mentioned My Dad was a patient of his,he read his file,looked at my doctors notes and without blood tests ect told me he was 99% I had AS!Bloods and an xray confirmed this! Since being diagnosed I tried many tablets which due to low tolerence I had every side affect going..4 yrs ago I was put on Embral!Had a couple of gd years with this but in last 6 months have been having many bad flair ups!I honestly don’t think there is one part of my body now that isn’t giving me ****!Reading the stories on here I know I could be alot worse so am thankful for that!Reading the things posted on here has also given me a better understanding of AS N am so thankful to you for that!!! My daughter who is now 15 has been getting for the last 3 years painful n swelling knees..again “GROWING PAINS” has been mentioned numerous times..she had blood test 4 wks ago n am told high lvls of inflammation but usual for TEENS! Have insisted on referral to specialist and she has appointment in Sept!I pray that she doesn’t have it…….. Thank you so much for everything I have learnt from here!You are all amazing people xx

England United Kingdom


One Response to “Lisa Rolfe”

  1. Dear Lisa,
    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us.
    Sincerely Cookie

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