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my name is kevin beair and i am 33 as of june 6th. i have developed the symptoms at the age of 19. the usual morning stiffness in the upper and lower back. i went to my pcp and he kept giving me muscle relaxers, and pain meds and said that he wants to figure out whats wrong with me. while in high school, i was an athlete and boyscout. i wasnt the type to complain about pain. after xrays and mri’s i finally got to the point around 2005 i finally asked my pcp to refer me to a speacialist. i have lower lumbar problems, my 5th is broken causing other problems. straight away the speacialist figured out that i had A.S. just to be sure, he sent me out for blood tests.    the tests came back as positive for HLA-B27 antigen. i was then referred back to my pcp to be referred to a rhuematologist.    i seen the RA doc first time june 25th 2005. thats the first and last visit as he was retiring. my next rhuemy, then was not a very good doc. took blood without a turny, wouldnt prescribe anything but enbrel or indomethacin. i for the longest time didnt even know how to take enbrel. after applying for ssd, i was told to find a differant doc as he didnt like to write people up for disability.      i finally got with my current rhuemy, and he has been since. the pain i go through he understands. he also cares. i have the si inflammation as well as the shoulder, neck and achilles heal problems. doctors have also found scarring on my lung and i have a lung expansion of less than a cm. i ahve been diagnosed with gerd and ibs related to nsaid use and the disease. i try to take my negative and turn it to a positive.     i was married in 2008 and divorced in 2011 and i have 3 children i adore. there are days i can get out and play or take them fishing when i have visitation, but there are days that i can barely get off the couch. this disease i can say in many ways is a curse and others a blessing. i pray with this being herditary that none of my kids get it or my kids kids.     i finally was accepted into ssd in 2010 after 2 years of trying and i worked at a job for seven years before going on ssd. i miss working as i have worked since i was 13. first job was stacking hay bails and straw bails and dumb farm jobs. now that i am on ssd, i cant afford my enbrel and many other things i enjoy.  my life is as it is and it is none other.A.S. can bring families together or drive them apart but either way must stay strong.

as i seen on facebook “i refuse to fuse”

kevin beair

Ohio, United States of America


One Response to “Kevin Beair”

    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us.
    Sincerely Cookie

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