Katrina Pidden

710: Katrina
710: Katrina


Hi my name is katrina pidden I live in daventry, Northamptonshire I’m 32years old and have ankylosing spondlitious. I first started having pain in my back at the age of 18, and was constantly fobbed of by doctors for many years saying was normal back problem and would go, and just gave me painkillers and would go, blood tests never showed up anything, they made me feel like I was overreacting. Actually took me 12years to get diganoised.when I was pregnant withy daughter I was signed of at around 4 months pregnant due to the pain was in, I seen lot of diffrent doctors over the years as had lot pain in my knees also and developed in my shoulders to. Happened to be one doctor I seem when I was pregnant that realised something must be wrong for me to suffer this many years and told me once I had given birth 3 months after she wud send me to consultant at hospital which he said he didn’t think I had a problem and that nothing would show up on MRI scan, anyway I got sent to rhematology , and the consultant there said I had inflmation and said she thought I had it and the blood test confirmed I did. Everyday is a battle with tiredness and pain. I know have in my neck, knees, shoulders and hips, and quite few diffrent places I’m back. I carnt do a lot stuff that I used to and sometimes feel lonley due to this and wishing this disease didn’t excist, I think I’m a lot stronger now because I have this , and makes me more understanding to do with a lot of things. And I hope that the doctors become more aware of it to give people a faster diganois.

Daventry, Northamptonshire


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