Face 1426Hello my name is Karla  im 30 years old and I was diagnosed with AS in July 2014 after having iritis. I have been suffering with joint pain ever since I could remember, as early as 7 years old. It got even worse after having my son and was on rounds of steroid injections for my back and hips. Had my iritis never happened I don’t think I would have been diagnosed. I can handle anything as long as I know I will be here to protect my son, who is now 5. My 5 year old Nathan has been complaining about “growing pains”for over a year and i talked to my rheumatologist about it. I said to him, i remember being so young and no one could figure out why I hurt so much. He then said, he’s too young to show symptoms and as you know you can test positive for the gene but never develop the disease, you’ll will just worry for nothing because he may never have it . I let it go , that was back in August 2014. Come winter time my son was complaining more and more. What did it for me was about 2 weeks ago he woke up at 5:00am saying mama I can’t sleep, this hurts too much (holding onto his hips) I knew right then in there he had to be tested. took him to his pediatrician to have blood work done to find out a few days later that he was positive for the gene. Now I’m waiting for  a rheumatologist at Chrildren’s to contact us so we can see them as soon as possible . As a parent I have always done anything in my hands to keep my child safe and I can’t control this . I am so devastated, heart broken, and depressed thinking about his future. My son is my life . All I want is for him to never feel the excruciating pain in his hips or back and not being able to walk at times like I’ve experienced, I don’t want him to inject himself with Humira every 2 weeks because it hurts. I can’t control what his body does but I can do my best to help him with a good diet and exercise. I know I need to be strong for him and I know he can’t see me upset. I’m doing my best and all I can do is pray for the best.

Maryland, United States of America

One Response to “Karla”

  1. Dear Karla,
    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us.
    Sincerely Cookie

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