Kari Rosson

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My name is Kari Rosson and I live in Southeastern Oklahoma. I will spare the long story surrounding my road to a diagnosis but I will say that April 27, 2017 was the day I finally had a name for all of my issues. Issues that I had been told were only because I was overweight. I have lost so much due to this disease. I have also gained other diseases as well. I also have fibromyalgia and psoriatic arthritis. Fibro came along with my AS diagnosis and PsA later. No meds have helped yet. I was an EMT for 12 years and have had to give it up. I lost my job a couple weeks after my diagnosis due to upper management deciding to dissolve the city ambulance for a private company and then I was told that I could not go back to being on a truck. It devastated me. I felt like a large part of me was taken away. I had dreamed of that job, lived that job, and now who am i? Yes, I am a mother and a wife, but i felt like i made a difference. Like I was something important to help the public when they couldn’t help themselves. I am going through disability now and have a hearing coming soon. I am so tired of the pain. Tired of the sudden changes from one feeling to the next. I guess i can say that i am still grieving. I can’t let go yet. I carry around a huge chunk of guilt day in and day out. I feel like our struggling financially is my fault. I feel like a lot of things are my fault. Other days I want to fight. I want to move on and let go and live but it never fails, this disease is always on my mind 24/7. I worry for my future and also for my kids futures. I am gene negative but I know there is still that small chance I can pass it on. I didn’t know…I didn’t know until after my second child. Anyway, this is me…32 years old (almost 33) and living with AS. A wife, A mother, and Former EMT.
The pic I am sending is from a time when I had aches and pains but felt the best. Major weight loss and self confidence. Now I lost all of that. I gained 40lbs from Gabapentin and at times use a cane and handicap placard. I don’t fix my hair or attempt makeup like I did then.

Oklahoma, United States of America


One Response to “Kari Rosson”

  1. Dear Kari,
    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us.
    Sincerely Cookie

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