Karen Davenport

Hi, my name is Karen Davenport.

I was diagnosed as undifferientiated spondylitis 2 years ago, with pending diagnoses of Ankylosing Spondylitis.  Someday I’ll be a full fledged Aser.  I have always been very athletic, won many sports associated awards including Most Athletic Female of my high school.  In the last 5 years I started getting pain in my knees, feet and hips after joining a boot camp where i lost 13 pounds.  I went to my doctor who sent me to a rheumy.  The rheumy gave me something for the pain and did xrays of my knees.  He also gave me mobic for my swollen hands.  Most of my pain was in my knees and hands for a while.  Suddenly I started having alot of pain in my feet, then my back and neck.  Finally after having injections in my neck and back, I saw a podiatrist and did a nerve conduction test.   I saw the 3rd rheumy who gave me the diagnosis.  I started remicade in mid 2010 in search of some quality of life.  This disease is very demanding on my body and I struggle daily to do normal activities.  I hope someday someone finds a cure or a drug that will help us all

Houston, Texas United States of America

One Response to “Karen Davenport”

  1. Dear karen,
    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us.
    Sincerely Cookie

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