John Rhoda

My name is John Rhoda; I have Ankylosing Spondylitis. I’m 62 & live in Kansas City, Missouri.

I may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I do know ONE THING! It’s the reason I can COPE despite being overwhelmed by excruciating pain. It’s my belief in GOD & HIS plan for mankind. The following is something I wrote for a friend of mine, a confirmed atheist, 15 years ago.


Too often we cannot see the forest for the trees. I believe that the answer to your search lies within your own reach. Life is a *gift*… a morality play… a test of wills & strengths… double-bind scenarios without clear-cut options. I believe that *we*… all things in the cosmos are manifestations of GOD; we are all created in His image & the corollary holds true as well. We all have a common ancestry. Even today, the human genome project shows very little difference amongst us all… a shared bond as it were. To use an analogy… our souls are like cells in a synergistic totality, a collective spirit with a purpose… a destiny to fulfill. Do we need empirical data to see the complexity, the harmony, the beauty in the world about us… the eco-system, the geometry of space/ time, the mathematics of music… the seemingly random chaos of true order? The cause & effect chain is an equation that goes far beyond man’s intellect. We have a choice… to ignore our destiny… to live like animals or to share our humanity… our compassion. There are forces of good & evil in this reality that we use to create or destroy. If you study quantum theory, you soon realize that we are merely overlapping fields of energy & matter waves. Perhaps, nothing exists outside the mind of God. The macro/micro-cosmic world of infinite variables & possibilities flow between us as a universal thread. There is a common denominator; we all have our origins in the beginning of time itself… the moment of creation. Out of the nothingness that is the void of space, come the building blocks of all things. The fusion of existence & nonexistence, matter & anti-matter, life & death, good & evil… these are all elements of a system that abides by irrevocable rules. What we call the past, what we call the future… are all illusions separated by an *eternal* now! There is a vibration… a harmonic that permeates this dimension on all levels; that is the life force. I believe in an evolution that dates to the inception of this phenomena… that of a *directed* intelligence that preceded the “Big Bang”. There exists a dynamic tension, a differential that lends itself to study; chemistry, biology, physics & mathematics can only delve so far. A man needs to look inside for the answer; we are all in the image of GOD & therefore a manifestation of that power. The *host* organism will pass recycled forever while the *spirit* becomes One with the source of all things. Through engineering, we see the works of man… the trees of knowledge manipulated to the will of what our aspirations dictate. We create our own heaven & hell. Our passion to go beyond our own transcendence is our life blood. When our will becomes the will of our own divinity, we can only then see our true nature. GOD Bless!

Kansas City, Missouri United States of America

One Response to “John Rhoda”

  1. Dear John,
    Thank you for sharing your story with us and your wisdom at a time , that I needed reminding.
    Sincerely Cookie

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