Joe Coleman

My name is Joe Coleman.  Im from Aberdeen in the north of Scotland.  I’ve been diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitus for around 5 years but had problems since I was about 12. I spend a lot of time in denial about AS and lived off an unhealthy amount of painkillers and other self medicators to keep my active lifestyle alive.  Eventually it got to a point where I was unable to do even the simplest tasks without major pain.  Never one to complain, I continued on doing the best I could with work and socializing while my physical activity almost ground to a halt.  Thanks to a very supportive family, rheumatologist and girlfriend I started taking my disease more seriously and got myself on the path to Biological medicine which I eventually got prescribed just over a year ago in the form of the TNA inhibitor Humira.  This has marked a massive turning point in my lifestyle and gave me my precious movement back.  Since then I’ve been determined to use my body for the purpose that it was intended, having a good time.
Skateboarding is a passion of mine “Arent you a bit old for that?”.  We never grow out of having fun.  Despite my pincushion lifestyle I don’t resent or
deny my AS as I used to.  It’s given me a balanced, humble view of the world and has forced me to be a patient and appreciative person.  Always look on the bright side eh…?
Aberdeen in Bonnie Scotland

3 Responses to “Joe Coleman”

  1. Dear Joe,
    I absolutely love that picture, amazing! I am glad that you have a supportive family and have decided to take charge of your health. I am happy that the treatments are giving you some quality in your life. I know that remicade gave me back mine. You keep on skating, till you can’t do it anymore. Take lots of videos and pictures!
    Sincerely Cookie

  2. Thanks Cookie
    I really like reading about all the other AS sufferers and their stories. I’l keep the skating up for as long as I can! Glad the Remicade is working for you and you have your life for yourself.

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