Joe Bellisario

Face 715My name is joe bellisario my problems started when I was 31 years old I had the worst lower back pain you could imagine as the months went on my hands were sweeling my ankles were  sweeling I could not turn my neck I was in so much pain I wanted to die at one point I thought I was dying I could not eat any more when they finally told me I had as I was 34 by now they gave me everything under the sun to help methotrexate indicine viox day pro nothing worked I still barely could walk I had so bad I was in hospital for thirty days to learn how to walk again and try to. Function the methotrexate helped me get out of the hospital they gave a cane to walk with and was told I will need this to walk with. Here I am crippled at the age of 36 then the bigger one came I had a heart attack they said I had a leaking aortic valve and needed open heart surgery  by now I was 132 pounds and thought I would never come through this alive but I did I guess god said I had more work to do for him at the I had 2 kids my girl was 7 and my boy was 3 all they remember about me lying in bed I could never play with them or any thing else a young father was to do with there kids. Then came Celebrex it began to give me some life again I started to get a little better through months of Celebrex but is still could not move my neck so they gave me a few mris and found a tumor growing on my spine which was giving so much more pain again they said they would have to operate on my spinal cord to remove the tumor by now I was giving up by now my kids were a couple years older and they wanted there father but I could not be there for them I was trying to hold on to life for them I went through the operation and the tumor was not cancer then back to rehab again to try to move the neck left to right then shortly after operation my as began to worsen. I truly believe that stress has a lot to do with this . Through the years from 40 to now which is 53 I have had so many flare ups from my eyes to all the joints in my body at age 53 I can’t run any more I can’t swim or play ball with my kids. I can not explain to any body what my mind and body has gone through the years. Then 7 years ago I went through a divorce and ended up with custody of my children because there mother got hooked on opiates and me and my mom began raising the kids my mom was with us every step the way to help provide for us she did a lot of praying for all of us. Then my mom was diagnosed with colon cancer and died within 4 months when she died it sucked all the wind out of me the as got worse again . And here I lay in my bed this week end for two days just so I can have enough strength to be able to go to work at my business and still no end in sight for my AS I have shed enough tears writing this so called story of my As today I hope and pray that all you people out there that have this same problems as me never have as bad as me. Remember don’t quit these are just hurdles that god gives us to see if we are worthy of him amen

Pennsylvania United States of America

3 Responses to “Joe Bellisario”

  1. Dear Joe,
    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. I too have shed many tears while posting these stories and I pray that they were healing tears for you.
    Sincerely Cookie

  2. Thank you for sharing your story.
    Blessings to you.

  3. Thank you for sharing your story. I am awake with the pain even with the normal food decisions although food affects things a TON and stress like you said. I do a ton of juicing veggies, fruit and some pure quality whey protein. Blessings my friend !!!

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