Jesica Lynn

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Hello my name is Jesica Lynn. I am 26 living in Tempe Arizona. I would like to be a face of AS because I think it’s important to be apart of a community that understands me, what I go through and to share my story. I was diagnosed with AS 3 years ago after eight months of sharp, disabling pain starting in my low back and going down my hips, pelvis and right leg. My father who had passed away three years prior to this I believe also had this condition as he was bedridden for ten years. I started physical therapy and medication that helped my pain for about a year. Recently I got a really bad flare up that has lasted three months ago. It has started to effect every aspect of my life including my job (I work at a rehab center in a nursing home) My family relationships, my personal relationships which are basically non existent both friendships and dating. It has also effected my ability to exercise which was a huge part of my life. It affects my sleep, my self worth, my confidence. I am depressed a lot and stress eat. This condition is notorious for making quality of life go way down. I have no health insurance, medication is not working and I’m shelling out hundreds of dollars a month on a chiropractor with little improvement (my job could be hindering my progress)  I refuse to stop trying, no matter how depressed I get. I dream of going to physical therapy assistant school so I can help others. I refuse to let that dream go, no matter how difficult. I believe everything happens for a reason and I am determined to not let this beat me or take away the life I want.

Arizona, United States of America

2 Responses to “Jesica Lynn”

  1. Dear Jesica,
    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us.
    Sincerely Cookie

  2. Jessica, I happened upon you completely accidentally yet this condition is exactly what I am going through. I have arthritis in my back, and have had hip and leg pain that continues to increase. I have gained weight because I can’t exercise. Sleeping is painful, cannot lay on my left side or cross legs. I sometimes limp. I take NSAIDs daily and they barely help. The pain can cause me to cry it hurts so badly. This has been 4 months of constant pain. I have not had a single day without it. I have started doing yoga and it is hard because it hurts but even just a few sessions I can tell I am getting stronger and hopefully some control over this. But it hurts even worse afterwards, but I hope worth it. I used to be so active and am now just a pile of blubber since I have been so inactive for so long. I am so grateful to you for putting a face to this and you have given me inspiration. I have found, that yoga works just as well as physical therapy. I hope that helps you some, since you don’t have health insurance.

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