Jennifer Fiamengo-Negrón

Have AS, Rheum Arthritis, Convulsive Seizures from exhaustion and severe pain, heart arythmias, high blood pressure, blood clots and too much cerebral fluid (that periodically has to be drained if it the medications don’t control it). I’m on remicade infusions, methotrexate injections and about 20 other pills a day. I really can’t complain though. I have been so blessed in my life, I am a mommy to 5 AMAZING kiddos and am married to the kindest most understanding man EVER! I have my ups and downs but am still able to swim and stay mobile and active. I hope this finds you and others with AS well. Stay warm this winter and stay positive, AS may get the best of our bodies some days but let’s make sure it doesn’t ever get our spirits!!!!!

His Love,

Jennifer Fiamengo-Negrón
Proud Army Wife
Proud Mommy to 5
Proud Owner of Tony

Mile High Rockie Mountain State Of Colorado United States of America


1/1/82 – 9/28/15

3 Responses to “Jennifer Fiamengo-Negrón”

  1. Dear Jennifer,
    You sound a lot like me. I can’t complain either, I would rather focus on what I have been blessed with than what I no longer have.
    Blessings to you always 5x 5 =25!

    Sincerely Cookie

  2. Focusing on the blessings is so difficult–Thanks for being an inspiration.. And, thank your husband for his service You are both heroes in different ways.

  3. Elizabeth, I definitely have had my share of down days. I flat-lined in the hospital on 2/14/11 from complications of AS and literally died for two minutes in front of my younger sister, I was then bed ridden for a week and it then took me six months to really come back to “life” and be myself. On 7/5/11 after only having my port-a-cath or medport (whatever they want to call it) installed I was infected with a staph infection during a remicade infusion from the infusion nurse (we have proof) that left me in the hospital again and for six weeks had me knocking at deaths door. I then went through two more surgeries, three rounds of IV antibiotics, a picc line that left me with two DVT’s now and I now have a NEW SHINY PORT WOOHT WOOHT!!!! So excited since it’s worked once with no infection and my sister and I are just on cloud nine!!! LOL! Through all of this, I have laughed, smiled, cried, lost 60lbs, puked my guts out, thanked God a million times over for the love and support of my baby sister/nephew and my husband and kids (who have kept me in good spirits and going). We keep joking that I’ve been kicked out of heaven twice now because God just isn’t ready to handle and angel like me yet and I guess we’ll just hang on to that. 😉 Keep the faith and hang on to the positive, I know it can be so very hard and you will most definitely be in my prayers. Thank you for your kind words and I will pass them on to my husband. Many gentle hugs, lots of love and even more support and prayers from the Rockies!!!! ~Jen

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