Jeff Baldizan

Jeff BaldizanMy name is Jeff, I live in Sacramento, CA. I’m 37 & have been suffering from pain for 20+ years recently (finally) diagnosed with AS. It has change my view on life & how we take each day for granted. I’m a newlywed & cherish my wife (she’s my latest, greatest inspiration… as Teddy Pendergrass put it). The pain is just there no matter how happy my day is. At this point I have tried Humira® but chronic infections put a stop to that. Vicodin® & Motrin® 800, don’t even take the edge off & swelling can be intense, sometimes all of my joints including pelvic area (ouch!) . I wish there was a cure & I’d never have to take another pill again for my pain. Indomethacin® hurts my stomach. I’m suffering without proper meds on a regular basis. I’d love to be able to tie my shoe, play with my god children. Heck, even have children or be able to pick them up. My spine continues to fuse, and so much damage has been done by not being treated early. I don’t want to admit that I am disabled, but that’s what I am. Dont get me wrong, there are days, literally, that I don’t feel anything at all. Then it kicks in with a vengeance. AS has taken a lot if my abilities, my strength, an active life, but my heart pushes on and I will keep moving. I am currently earning myself a degree in Information Technology since I can’t find an understanding employer. Live, love, life.

Prayers for all of you -Jeff Baldizan

Sacramento, California

One Response to “Jeff Baldizan”

  1. Dear Jeff,

    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. One thing that A.S. has taught me, is to take life one day at a time, enjoy the simple pleasures and blessings, and not waste one minute of a pain free day. Good luck on your goals in life.
    Sincerely Cookie

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