Hi my name is Jacque and I’m 52 years young.  I have been dealing with a lot of health issues and was diagnosed with AS about a month ago.  It’s been a long road to this diagnosis with some bumps along the way.
Here is my story:
I was one of those kids who always seemed to be sick.  Back then they said “she’s a sickly little thing”  and I was but no one knew the extent of it and just how sick I was would not be discovered until I reached the age of 50.  I seemed to catch everything that came around.  I had constant ear infections and remember the horrible pain that went along with them.  As a result of the constant infections, I lost almost all of  hearing in my right ear.  Back then, the only answers the doctors had was to remove my tonsils and adenoid.  The operation was going well until while under, they discovered that I had a heart mumor and that complicated things, just a bit.  My health did improve somewhat but I still seemed to get sick, more often than most.  Time passed and then my teens hit and as a female teenager a whole new set of issue arose.
Ladies, I know some of you can relate.  I later married and started to think about having children.  I ended up having four pregnancies and only one live birth.  They said she was a miracle!  I became Hypoglycemic and dealt with that for about three decades and then it flipped on me and I was diagnosed with Type ll Diabetes.  Then came Osteoarthritis, High Cholesterol, Carpal Tunnel (right wrist), Plantar Facilities (both feet), IBS, Osteopenia, Vertigo, Sleep Apnea, COPD, Common Variable Immunodeficiency Disease (CVID), Hypertension and now AS.
Due to my Immune Deficiency disease, I am unable to take the usual medicines for AS because most of them have the potential to lower your immune system and I am currently doing weekly, at home Immunoglobulin Infusions.  This involves sticking three needles into my stomach and using a pump to infuse Immunoglobulin, into my system.  The process takes about 2 hours or so.  About ten years ago I was originally diagnosed with RA and spent ten years thinking that was my problem for my hurting and swelling joints, until I actually found a good Rheumatologist and was correctly diagnosed.  I do test positive for the HLA-B27 gene which is a sign of AS.
By the list of my illnesses, some people probably thought/think that I was either crazy or a hypochondriac.  Let me assure you, I’m neither.  What I wouldn’t give to NOT have these diseases.  I am currently undergoing more testing for other Autoimmune diseases and I also have an appointment with a Nephrologist because my Kidney’s are only working at about 48% and they don’t know why.  I am currently married to a wonderful man who takes care of me like, no other.  I am so grateful to have him in my life.  I have my miracle daughter who will be turning 34 soon and I also have two beautiful grand daughters.
I have always been a private person but since being diagnosed with CVID’s, I have been home-bound and have used the internet as my means to communicate, with the outside world. I have always been very independent and having CVID’s has taught me that it is ok, to confide and count on others.  This concept is still quite new to me but it is getting easier.  When I found Cookies link, I had to check it out and I’m so glad I did.  I am hopeful and very appreciative for all of you who have come before me and are sharing your experiences.
Michigan United States of America

One Response to “Jacque”

  1. Dear Jacque,
    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us.
    Sincerely Cookie

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