Hi!!! I am Israel from Mexico city. I have AS

When I was a little boy, around six, a doctor told my mom I had rheumatic fever. He prescribed me a treatment based on Benzetacil 1’200.000 units. I remember it was really painful. After that, everything was alright.
When I was eleven years old, I was diagnosed with typhoid (fever). I was at home for some months because I had high fever and stomachache.
Talking to some doctors and rheumatologists, I was told AS started because of one of these illnesses. Never a firm result.
When I was seventeen, I carried a heavy bundle with sand and I felt how my back “cracked”. I visited the orthopedist. After some x-rays, I was told I had a slipped disc (L5). I took lots of pain killers, vitamins, I used to do specific exercises, but just for a year, that pain dissapeared.
After that year, I had backaches in the morning, but I thought the hernia started attacking me again 😦 I remember it was not every day, but I sometimes could not walk due to that pain. One day I decided not to take more medication, I was frustrated, I tried hot bags on my lower back, expensive pain killers, nothing worked.  Some months I had bad backaches, some others no pain.
I got better when I stopped playing basketball and did less exercise. I can remember two events when I really suffered. The first one was at 28, I returned to play basketball and one of those nights I woke up, sweating, crying… I could hardly move my leg. After some exercises prescribed by the orthopedist, I got better.
The second one was in March in 2011. I was playing video games with my nephew, It was kinect, I was “jumping”, lifting my legs”, that night, was one of the most painful in my whole life. It was the same pain, but ten thousand times more painful!
I visited the orthopedist, he told me I was young to have that kind of pain, I had some medical tests done and the news came after some days. “Israel, tienes espondilitis anquilosante, no es contagiosa, pero si debe verte mi amigo el reumatólogo”. (Israel, You have AS, You will not infect anybody, but You should visit a friend of mine, the rheumatologist).
I am not candidate to get biologicals, my mantoux test was positive (15mm). I do exercise and take sulphasalazine and indomethacin.
Thank you very much for the opportunity dear Cookie.




One Response to “Israel”

  1. Dear Israel,
    Thank you so much for being a part of my vision.
    Sincerely Cookie

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