Geordie Dodds



My story began over 20 years ago when I constantly had severe pains in my hips, spine, neck and shoulders and each and every time I went to a Dr for it I received the same story of how I’m a young man and that I suffer from nothing more than Arthritis, look at you they would say, because I was always in excellent shape being athletic and energetic my whole life and had a great physique they laughed and said “suck it up, you’re a young man, in excellent shape. it’s only Arthritis so quit complaining”  that was in my mid teens and after about 2 years later I went to a chiropractor to get a realignment done as I worked in hard labour and did a lot of heave lifting so I went for realignment and the dr told me then my spine was fusing… that was my first confirmation of my having trouble, He had told me to get it checked and referred me to a specialist..and then to another and then a 3rd, 4th and 5th and each and every one told me the same thing… “I don’t know whats wrong with you”.    Because they were unable to find a reason no diagnosis was made and I went through life suffering and in 1995 I end up falling sick and end up in the hospital for 2 months and was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis and they had to perform emergency surgery to save me at the time and while doing so they removed my entire large intestine after 9 months and 3 operations i was back on my way to recovery.  In 2009  fell sick and end up in the hospital due to blockage (intestinal obstruction) from my operation back in ’95 and thought they needed to operate and sent me on many tests, which turned up in my x rays I had damage and they referred me to a specialist who diagnosed me as having AS.  The good part of the story is I did not have to have surgery, the blockage released itself, from 2009 until April 2013 I received the run around regarding treatment of AS and they said they need confirmation from another specialist so i went through many Dr and each had a different diagnosis until I managed to find this team of Dr’s that I am currently with and right away they tested, confirmed and set me on the right path to getting treatment, 4 years later…. finally !!!    25 years after I was first told my spine is fusing I began treatment July 30, 2013 on Remicade and have had 3 Infusions so far, my next infusion is a month away.   The Remicade has already made a drastic improvement in my quality of life as I have more energy and am able to eat and sleep regularly again and my fatigue spells are less frequent and last far less then they did in the past,as for the mobility issues, the inflammation on my joints seems to have lessened but there is a great deal of pain but nothing like it was before I started the treatment.    I am looking forward to a better lifestyle and standing strong with my head held high.

Toronto, Ontario  Canada

One Response to “Geordie Dodds”

  1. Dear Geordie,
    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us.
    Sincerely Cookie

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