Hello to the group and fellow AS friends.  I am Gary and I live in Virginia in the states.  I am currently 68 years old and was diagnosed with AS when I was 18.  I was lucky to be diagnosed as young as I was by a relatively young, right out of med school internet.  
Throughout my life I have been able to hold down an office job as Payroll Head for a little over 40 years.  I was so fortunate to have caring bosses who worked with me during my very low times. Throughout those years I missed a lot of work days with my flares and a few surgeries.  I retired 4 years ago and have been trying to keep as active as I can.  
My neck, left ankle, right wrist and the bottom part of my spine are fused either naturally or surgically.  
starting when I was 18 I was on NSAIDS until 2011 when I went into kidney failure.  At that point I found I was stage 3A CKD.  At that point I was taken off all NSAIDS and placed in biological.  I was also put on different pain pills which just took the edge off of the pain.  I am currently on Enbrel and Hydrocodone along with a muscle relaxer, Flexeril at night.

Just in the last two years I have started using canes and walkers to get around.  I must say that took a lot to put my pride aside and use what I have to just to get around and stay active as I can be.

I was married for 29 of those years but sad to say my ex could no longer handle the stress of my AS on her.  I have two wonderful sons and Daughters in law who are very supportive.  I also have been blessed with 4 grandchildren.  
Thanks to all the AS support groups on Facebook for their help and support!

Virginia, United States of America

One Response to “Gary”

  1. Dear Gary,
    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us.
    Sincerely Cookie

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