I currently live in Houston Texas and am 28 years old.

I was diagnosed with AS may of 2010, ironically enough two weeks after my graduation from college which i thought was the happiest time of my life. At the time i was not aware of exactly what this disorder does to your body. I had researched my symtomps for years and i came across AS online but didn’t pay too much attention to it since i thought i just had chronic back pain. Pain initially started in my heel when i was in highschool, occasional severe backpain and around age 19 SI joint was so painful that it started affecting my ability to walk from time to time.
After a severe groin pain i decided to mention my stiff back and chest pain to my Dr. and she immidiately knew it was AS. Ever since then i have been seeing a rhumatologist and been on medication and physical excercise regime. Although my symptoms are not as severe, it can leave me immobile for few days at times when the what we call flares happen.

Generally inflammation in ones body peaks out during this time. I researched for few days and came across a website called www.kickas.org Here people like me shared their experience and knowledge and what works for them. So the more i read, and i applied the knowledge i learned better i started feeling.

I am currently on NSD (No Starch Diet) and half the medication dose a day and i can excercise and run and even play sports from time to time. I wake up with less pain and agony and overall i continue my life like rest of the population. On the downside although i am mostly pain free, AS is creeping forward in the background. My SI joints are nearly fused and there is abnormal curvature on my neck, thank god no fusing on my spine yet or any other visual problems.

You can look as normal as can be from outside but AS really eats you up from inside and mentally  as well but the day AS wins is the day you stop living your life. Excercise, adjust your diet and Excercise! Just keep moving and stay active!

I hope everyone a pain free life!
Houston Texas United States of America

One Response to “G.C.”

  1. Dear G.C.,
    Thank you for sharing your story with us. The sad thing about A.S. is the doctors are lax about treatment because we don’t look sick and we get lax about treatment because we don’t feel that sick. Keep up the good work.
    Sincerely Cookie

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