Fanieliz Custodio

my name is Fanieliz Custodio, I am 25 and I have now about 3 years with AS.

Im just in tears looking the page that you create, i am a fighter… a person that believes in God and im pretty sure that my life is gonna be great, the AS cant stop me, i always said that SHE IS IN THE WRONG BODY.
I got married on December 28, 2011, mu husband lives in NYC, so im gonna move soon! hopefully!
Now I am with a HUMIRA and we can say that im ok, but the pain its always there, i just think that is why I decided that the AS cant take control of my life, I am the boss, not her…
i create an account on twitter because i want to meet people in my country with the same condition, the name of the account es EspondilitisRD.
If you need more info about me just ask.. i just wanna help!
Best regards.
Fanieliz Custodio
Dominican Republic

4 Responses to “Fanieliz Custodio”

  1. Dear Fanieliz

    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us.
    Sincerely Cookie

  2. Hi Fanieliz I’m dominican and I have AS too, It’s difficult to stay up despite the pain, but God give the strength to do it.

  3. Ya te sigo en la cuenta de Twitter, te puedes poner en contacto cpnmigo en mi cuenta de Twitter @Dra_Marmolejos

    • Erily!! Ahora es que veo tus comments! A ver cuando nos reunimos para compartir nuestras historias y experiencias!! Un abrazo!

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