Faishal Alawi

My name is Faishal Alawi, I am from Malaysia. I have had AS since 2010. It all started in March 2010 right after I got back from a holiday in Bandung, Indonesia. I was having a bad diarrhea for a week and one fine Sunday when I wake up, I was unable to move. All my joints are painful every time I tried to move. Luckily I have my mobile phone next to me and I called a friend. He came over and rushed me to the emergency room at a nearby hospital. For a month I was bed ridden at the hospital and the doctors are still unable to find out what is wrong with me. I was in pain all the time. I was constantly on painkillers. Only after the HLA-B27 blood test done that I know that I am a gene carrier and I am AS positive. I was so depressed at that time when the doctors told me that I have AS. Starting that day I was on med daily (Sulfasalazine & Acoxia daily, MTX weekly). My joints (ankle, knee, elbow, neck & back) are all swelling and I am in pain everyday. For seven months I was on clutches(both hands). I went for physiotherapy sessions almost every week. As I am doing my Master Degree at a local university nearby, life is hard for me. Everyday routine is hard for me. Even simple things like switching off the light is a tough thing to do. In October 2010 the meds i am taking start showing positive results. I was able to walk without clutches. There are less pain. I start going to the gym to workout and went swimming on a daily basis. Only a constant exercise can help me reduce my joints stiffness. I was 80% recovered. In August 2011 after a discussion with my  rheumatologist, I decided to stop the daily meds and go for Remicade Infliximab Infusions. First infusion was done but was giving me side effects. I was hospitalised for five days due to Bradycardiac (low pulse). The doctors then decided not to proceed with the remaining infusions. So i was back to daily meds. In December 2011 I was 98% recovered from AS. I only have some pains on my left hand knuckles. I stop taking meds and focus on daily exercise. Now I can swim, jogs, travels and do stuffs like other healthy human being.

I got married to my lovely wife in January 2012 and now (August) my wife is seven week PREGNANT… yes, I am going to be a Dad! …hope my story inspires all of you with AS… it’s not the end of the world… take your meds & constantly exercise…. swimming is preferred… cheers!

Best Regards


One Response to “Faishal Alawi”

  1. Dear Faishal,
    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. Congratulations on the new baby!
    Sincerely Cookie

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