My name is Emily. I have had pain since I can remember. As a kid I would complain and be dismissed as trying to get attention. In my teens I accepted my pain as something I would deal with forever. By my mid 20s I knew I needed help, I saw a doctor and was diagnosed with AS. I was young. I wanted to try to deal with it through diet and exercise and all those other things I was told would help. Now I am 36 and starting my first biologic medicine next week. As a massage therapist, I cannot “deal” anymore. I accept I need intervention. My x-rays and bloodwork show I need intervention. Does this make me feel like I failed my body? Yes. Do I know that’s unreasonable? Yes! Will I keep trying to better my life and manage my symptoms? Absolutely! I look “normal”. I am everyone, yet I’m a little broken. But that’s okay. I was born tough enough to face to this. My pain is there though it is invisible.

One Response to “Emily”

  1. Dear Emily,
    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us.
    Sincerely Cookie

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