Devon Langston

My grandfather was diagnosed with Marie Strambau (sp?) Disease when he was 13, which later became AS. His spine was fused by 19. As this was considered a “mens” disease and not well known, especially where I live, I have suffered since the age of 15 with no one taking me seriously. I have every symptom. No natural births because my pelvis cannot expand, worsening joint pain with IBS, unimaginable mid-back pain in the morning, and constant unrelenting low back pain. Finally, my new doctor listened to me. I’ve been telling docs for years I had what my grandfather did, but you hear the same things: but your so young, well you look good, or you aren’t as bad as he is. Although my grandfather or me do not carry the HLAB27 gene, you CAN still have AS. Thank you for putting it out there for people to recognize!

Devon Langston

North Carolina United States of America

One Response to “Devon Langston”

  1. Dear Devon,
    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us.
    Sincerely Cookie

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