David Morgan

my name is david morgan.. I live in Memphis,Tn and im 32 yrs old.  i have been diagnosed with AS for about 5 yrs now.  in the beginning i had a good Dr And a job. for the last three years i have had aleave and every other anti inflammatory i could find. since i dont have insurance  a job and i hold  three  denial letters for Disability  i havent seen a Dr about my As in those 3 yrs . my back is almost completely fused together . my neck is now stiff and in constant pain . the pain has now also spread to my chest and rib cage .. when i sneeze it feels like a ufc fighter kicked me in the chest.  life everyday is a struggle to even get out of bed . Every one im sure  knows how hard it is to support a family with even both people working. well since i cant work it falls all on my wife and shes a very strong woman but this load is wearing her down. I sometimes feel like a drowning swimmer pulling her under as she just trys to survive herself. our love is very strong but this definitely puts a big strain on our  marriage..  people look @ me to b the big strong person i was but i know on the inside im brittle as a old bread stick. It would b so easy to b a drug addict . just put myself in a pill coma every day and live like that but thats not what i wanna do @ 32. i want my life back ,i want to enjoy life again ..  sorry i used this as a way to vent..


Tennessee United States of America

One Response to “David Morgan”

  1. Dear David,
    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. Remember always this is a place where honesty and reality is encouraged. We are always here for you.
    Sincerely Cookie

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