Dave Black

Hi Everyone,

My name is Dave Black and I’m in the UK and I’m coming up to my 49th birthday and have had AS for nearly half of my life.

I was first diagnosed in 1989, before this I was treated for quite a few things including trapped nerve etc and went through acupuncture, physiotherapy and at first I was not linked to AS. By chance a second opinion by another GP at the practice sent me for tests for AS.

The tests confirmed AS in both sacro iliacs and bottom of the spine. This has since progressed to my neck and chest. Various tablets etc have been tried as you can imagine over the years. A couple of weeks before Christmas 2011 my specialists referred me to biological treatment and I have been having fortnightly injections of Humira since then. A difference? Yes, I certainly feel the pressure lifted off the joints soon after my injections and I hope continued treatment will improve this.

Although I will never, ever, play sport again, which I badly miss I at least have improved mobility. Saying all this there is still the bouts of depression and pain as associated but that is one thing that after all these years I have got used to.

I am worried that it will affect my 20-year-old son and it is too early to tell yet but I pray it does not take over his life.

Sorry if this all seems out of sync as I write as I am remembering, a long time to suffer and as people have mentioned already a condition no-one can see so they do not understand.

Good luck to you all and thanks to this site I realise I’m not alone but it does hit home how few of us suffer in silence.

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